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in the beginning

This site began life as during 2006. Its domain name was registered with and it was hosted by a company in Sweden called "Servage."

The domain name and hosting were both paid for by the club's webmaster, that's me. It is almost a miracle that the club has a web site at all. When I suggested to club and committee members that we should have a web site, collectively their responses were "We don't need a web site!" and "What would we want a web site for?"

From my experience and learning this was not in fact the case, so I set about building a site.

Although I had considerable experience with computers, my understanding of the web and web sites was limited. But I had attended a course on the subject whilst a teacher at "Orana Community College." Dubbo. "Sun Microsystems" conducted a training workshop which dealt with the subject, "Clicks & Bricks." From this workshop I gained an understanding of the purpose and functions of a web site and the role a web site could and should play in any venture.

Sun Microsystems taught me that both the largest enterprise in the country, and the smallest business, appear equally on the Internet. So I knew I could build a web site that would assist my club to grow and prosper by disseminating information, and by harvesting information. Along the way there have been several versions of this first site. Each version involved the use of different colour schemes, headers, and images.

Both my hosting company and myself were on a steep learning curve at that time and it soon became obvious a change of web host was necessary. After an intensive search of possible hosts here in Australia, on the continent and in the US, Start Logic was chosen. Start Logic was like most hosts, starting out into the cyber world we know today. Nobody could have predicted then that a communication network set up by the medical profession, could become the World Wide Web, — the "Internet."

My family has a personal web site hosted by but for the gun club site I decided to use StartLogic instead. It too was in the US but their rates were cheaper and I could at the time purchase a hosting account, rather than simply having to pay for hosting, and this I did. As my skill, knowledge and reputation grew, several more clubs came on board. At one point I was webmaster for -

Each one of these clubs got their web sites at my bare bones cost and continued to do so each year until eventually, one by one, each club gained a new member who had the skill required. Whereupon each club registered their own domain name and went their own way. This was always my intention. There was a feeling of contentment for me as I love this sport and see it as a very desirable interest for everyone, of any age, male or female, but particularly for young adolescents. Clay Target Sport presents an all consuming challenge suitable and ample to keep the most active of teenagers engaged.

All sites were hosted under my Start Logic plan which defrayed the cost of the exercise and gave me access to all club sites on one account. FTP accounts were set up for each club, so site content could be updated by their webmasters, but only Bermagui and Redcliffe ever used this facility. Eventually Bermagui begged me to take over their site because their webmaster found it too difficult and too time consuming. Being retired for years, I didn't have that problem, even so this endeavour took up hours and hours of my time.

The use of a bought template helps greatly to obtain a really excellent web page layout and appearance. The higher the cost of the template, the better the layout and appearance. Keeping this site fresh and interesting, over the past four years, I have purchased, modified and installed two templates. Cost of each. US$74.00. Paying all costs and maintaining this web site for nearly eight years, my total contribution exceeds $1000.00

After being online for six years the popularity of this web site had grown considerably. It was time for Toowoomba Clay Target Club to take possession of this site. This in mind, and on my club's approval, I registered the domain name, with "Net Registry," a subsidiary of "Melbourne IT." This domain name was chosen for the following reasons-

This domain was purchased with Toowoomba Clay Target Inc. as its owner and proprietor. Any site that preports to represent an entity whilst not being that entity is frowned upon by Google and would, under AUDA be illegal.

Google and other search engines don't regard dot com domains very highly either. Dot com domains can be based anywhere in the world and have of late been used by rogue sites, porn sites and bogus or fake sites.

All sites on the Internet survive on two very critical things. These are -

During its almost eight year presence on the Internet, this site has earned a high level of both. It's something money can't buy and it's what is highly valued by search engines like Google. This site's reputation & level of popularity is what governs its "Page" rank, and represents a big asset to our club.

"Site Lock," a 3rd. party security firm watches over this site 24/7 so there is no possibility of ever downloading undesirable material such as explicit imagery. "Site Lock" also protects this site from malware too which could damage your computer

other sites

It is disconcerting to note there is another site alleged to represent Toowoomba Clay Target Club Inc, but the club is not the proprietor of that site, nor does the club own that site. The site you're on now is the only site our club owns and operates. Information presented on this site therefore is both authentic and reliable.

Ordinarily, an additional web site would increase our club's presence on the Internet. It would increase our visibility and therefore reach more people, but the present committee doesn't see that as being a positive thing and have"ordered" this site to be shut down.

how could this happen?

During the more than 15 months I spent recovering from a motorbike accident, I partially built a completely new site for the club. However I didn't get it finished and didn't feel recovered enough to complete the task. I let it be known I would like someone to take over the site working with me to learn html code and completing this site. A member volunteered and I gave this person a full rundown on what was required. He left my house with a number of my text books and a vow to learn.

Nothing was heard from him again. Then, one Saturday about a month or so later another club member arrived at my home. He stated he wanted to "pick my brains" so he could take over the maintenance of this site and become webmaster. I spent over three hours with that club member explaining coding, web sites and the Internet. I believed he was going take over and relieve me of the work load. He took with him a DVD of thje club's complete web site plus registered copies of software he needed. I set up an FTP account so he could access this site, I even installed "Wordpress" on a testing server so he could experiment with that.

What I didn't know was, He had already registered a new domain name and had it hosted. Below are details of from

He visited me on the 26th October 2013. So, this club member lied. In fact he lied about everything. When later I discovered this, I began to wonder why? I confronted this club member, and he admitted the deception saying that the cat is now out of the bag. What he meant by that is clear now so if you don't want our friendly club to become a closed shop country club, you had better make your voice heard now.

more to come

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